Thursday, 11 October 2012


We started working on a very interesting commission for a Jellyfish Art Car about 3 months ago. The brief was a little different to us because the client was interested in having a tensile structure. In the end we used tent poles instead of our normal method of using air to structure an object.

The challenge was to make the structure fit into a suitcase that can be carried on the airplane. It had to be under the baggage allowance and we managed to make it with 2kilos to spare!
There were strict power restrictions that we had to adhere to. So we spent a large amount of time researching the correct lighting for the piece.

The tentacles were made out of colourful layers of material over ripstop nylon and kept their shape using boning that is normally used for corsetry. They packed down into the suitcase small enough and then poped back out into shape for the set-up.

Some of our circus tent structures were also featured in this fantastic blog about structures at Burningman. They are amazing for camping in and inflate in a mater of minutes!

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