Friday, 30 March 2012

Although Soufflé is a word used mostly in baking, the definition, as seen below, is perfect for our inflatables company :-) We use an airflow system for our structures, meaning there is a fan constantly blowing air into the form to keep it inflated. Inflatables are amazing because they have so many benefits:

Why Inflatable?
> Pack down small enough to fit into a backpack.
> Lightweight and quick to install.
> No tooling is involved in the production hence the freedom to create organic and asymmetrical forms economically.
> Brings joy to everyone :)
Why Studio Soüfflé?
> Mahani & Gaia have 9 years of experience combined in the design and production of stunning inflatable structures and objects.
> Each project will be given bespoke care and attention to achieve the individual client needs.
> Studio Soüfflé have the experience and expertise to turn any humble object (i.e a potty or a shoe) into a masterpiece.

[soo-fley, soo-fley] souf•flé
1) a light baked dish made fluffy with beaten egg whites
combined with egg yolks, white sauce, and fish, cheese,
or other ingredients.
2) 1813, from Fr. soufflé , noun use of pp. of souffler
“puff up,” from L.sufflare, from sub- “under, up
from under” + flare “to blow”.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Today is gorgeous outside! Perfect day for going to the park! For those of you who are sitting indoors and browsing the internet... Have a look at this strange creature, dog/sphinx/seal combination we made for FCUK... That's "French Connection United Kingdom"... thank you :-/
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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

This was a fantastic project Mahani and I worked on for FAB Ice-cream. At the top of both of the structures is the chocolate section which is covered with screen printed sprinkles and the material had to be specially dyed to the correct color. Rip-stop is not easy to dye or to print on. The first lot of dying came out the completely wrong color and the sprinkles were very difficult too, we had a hard time with the inks and the coverage. So after many trials and experiments we found the right combination of techniques. In the end though it turned out really well and the client was pleased with the outcome of both of these structures, we were too. :-)

Friday, 23 March 2012

Been working on some design ideas for an instillation piece for the Secret Garden Party:!/intro/

The Secret Garden Party, I am told, is very similar to Burningman. We plan to apply for the arts grant from Burningman too! Gonna get on the case of that this week!

We should find out on the 1st of April if our proposal is excepted for the Secret Garden Party...
Why on April Fool's day must they give the results!!??
Fingers crossed.. hoping for the best! Have a look at our proposal ideas:

Today we have been writing to many different companies that do party organizing...
Our inflatables would be perfect for lots of different settings and types of parties, weddings, childrens parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, award ceremonies and more! So far I have had a few responses back, which is great!
One of the places we have been in touch with it Westfield mall. The other day we went to the Westfield's in Stratford which is very close to use here in Hackney. We noticed they have amazing rigs on the ceilings. Being the geeky technical minded young ladies that we are, we walked around gawking at the rigs and connection points and trussing they had, instead of shopping for make-up and clothes or generally being bothered by the fashion items they force you to experience there..
The atrium spaces are fantastic for hanging maybe say... a giant inflatable Olympic's mascot character!!!!!
Yes...for some reason they decided to make the London 2012 Olympics mascots aliens! I find this particularly interesting because on the Mayan calendar, 2012 is the year something major is meant to happen here in our small little universe. And, if you all have been keeping up with your Ancient Aliens episodes (chhhuuucchachhhuuua) then you would all know that there is very high chance we might be visited by a superior race in the very very near future... Could there possibly be a more suitably interruptable event such as the Olympics!!!??? NO! So, I'm pretty excited about the forthcoming few months... Here is a link explaining what the mascots (Wenlock and Mandeville) are; note the ONE eye is a camera!!!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Our company director is working hard to make sure we stay on task...
Her name is Bert, but she makes a lot of funny sounds, don't tell her but, we have nicknamed her Burp (heheheheee ;-))
So we have been diligently sending out proposals to companies like Westfields and Lavazza and we are trying to find out how to send something out the 2012 Olympics, here in London.
We are confident that some of the products we have been working on the designs for would be perfect for the events.
In the meantime here is a picture of the boss.. Keeping tabs on the work load...

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Check this out!!!
Better act fast!!!

Studio Soüfflé is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of techniques in making amazing and unusual bespoke inflatables. Our goal is to provide a very personalized product that will transform any space, inside or outside. What sets us apart from other inflatable companies is our high standard of design and production, our conceptual artistic creations, our amazing friendly staff, and our company vision.
Our advanced problem solving skills will give any client peace of mind when looking to enhance the experience or image of their function.
Contact us now for great competitive rates!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Here is a really nice updated version of the "Circus Tent" (we are still looking for a nice suitable name for this tent, any suggestions?).
Bert, our wonderful boss has left us to come up with names for everything and its just not very easy at all!!! So any help would be appreciated. Please post in the comment boxes below.
Yesterday we got listed in a really cool arts blog called KoiKoiKoi... have a look at some of our past work here:

Monday, 19 March 2012

We have been working away here at Studio Soüfflé on all our designs... There are so many exciting ideas to create. Inflatables have so many cool applications..! Our next collection is geared towards children's parties or play structures that can easily be put up in the living room or the garden. We will be exploring methods of inflatable design that have not yet been done anywhere.! Some sneak peak images are attached.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Silver space pod for Mathmos. In 2010 it was designed by Mahani and made by Gaia. Mathmos made the awesome huge lava lamp for the center that reflected so nicely on the chrome... I loved this project! Anyone want to order one? I'd happily make it again.

This was another project Mahani and I completed for Selfridges in 2011 for a window display... Pammy the fish :-) Save the fish!!!!

This was a project we made for Selfridges in London and in Birmingham. It was a Christmas instillation for the atrium spaces... It was one of the most intense, complicated and difficult projects yet the most rewarding! One of my favorite projects to date. :-)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Just in case you are trying to find us...
This is what our door looks like..
Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Blue Onion! Featured in 2 Etsy Treasury's!!
Have a loooooook :-)



Things have been moving along nicely for us here in our new office :-)
We are getting things organized and sorted and filed and all the lovely things you need to do before you can let that breath out and begin.
Our amazing CEO (Bert a.k.a. Burp, the cat) is really stepping up to the plate of milk and taking things into her own paws. She is the best boss any one could ever ask for.
Studio Soüfflé has launched a few new designs too.
To see these please go to our FB page and Like Us, Like Us!!!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Studio Soüfflé  just got a twitter account...
Lets follow each other, we might end up going in circles for a little while, but I can deal with that!!/StudioSouffle

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

After a long break of Christmas and New Years and settling into our new premises in the lovely old chocolate factory in Hackney we have finally got things ready to rumble.
Here is a link to our website and portfolio, work in progress..:

Bespoke Inflatables:
Made to measure inflatables for any occasion; window displays, installations, weddings, chill-out structures, performances, events, festivals, photographers, children's parties, corporate, trade shows, etc.

Product Designer, Mahani Baharum and Creative
Production Manager, Gaia Hannan, met in 2008 while
working at a London based design studio specialising in
awesome inflatable structures.
The two discovered their combined talents create a niche
creative team bringing characters and distinctive structures to
life in the form of giant inflatables for retail spaces, exhibitions,
and the music and creative arts industries.
So, in January 2012 Studio Soüfflé was born!
Whilst the creations are not always inflatable, the spirit is
definitely there. Studio Soüfflé constructions and products are
fun, whimsical, unique, and make you feel all fluffy inside!

Tel: 07882753215