Monday, 26 November 2012

Last week Studio Soüfflé attended the Business Startup Show in the Olympia Exhibition Centre in West London, . 
There are many speakers and seminars there and lots of inspiring and fun things to get involved with if you are thinking about starting up a business or have an idea for an invention.

Some of the main speakers there are James Cann, Brad Burton and Rachel Elnaugh. We will have the privilege of working with Rachel Elnaugh in the next month for an event called The Big Om on 12/12/12. I believe there may be a few changes happening with the venue and hopefully they will be announcing the final place soon. For more details:

Back to the Business Startup Show... We did a little bit of guerilla marketing and made a Smiley face that is very much like the logo 4Networking, run by Brad Burton (
It inflates with a small fan that runs on batteries and was well received by the team.

Photo Courtesy of Ellen Lim, Thank you Ellen

Thursday, 15 November 2012

October was an amazing month! How could you go wrong with giant inflatable pumpkins and parties!?

Now it is mid November and we have some exciting things to look forward to here in the Studio Soüfflé office. With December coming up even more exciting things that we can't mention yet, shhhhhh.
So, watch this space for more updates and cool fun adventures into the world of inflatable objects.

Meanwhile, here is a sneak peak at something interesting to be displayed in the heart of good old Hackney: