Monday, 29 April 2013

On a recent visit to the futurist style city of Dubai, Studio Soüfflé had some fantastic meetings with two companies to proposal to them the benefits of using inflatables for their projects. The first company we visited was a very cool company that does high-end bespoke weddings and other events using amazing sets and wonderfully colourful backgrounds and bridal stages/pelamins.
Here is a link to "Bon Bon":

The other company we met with is more corporate and does event coordination and implementation for big companies. Nice office space and very receptive to us. They are called "360 Arc":

Both of these companies were very excited by our work here at Studio Soüfflé and we are looking forward to having an opportunity to work with them in the future, so watch for us in Dubai! Appearances of crazy interesting inflatables coming soon!