Thursday, 10 January 2013

Welcome to January 2013, Studio Soüfflé style!

It was a long and somewhat arduous road but we managed to get to the finish line :-)
If you happen to be on Oxford Street gandering at the Slefridges windows please stop for a moment to take a nice deep breath along with the "breathing wall." It resembles a padded cell, the walls move in and out as though they are breathing. The inhalation installation!

Here is a video of the very first inflation of this piece, 1min.13sec. :

And a video of the walls breathing, 19sec. :

Selfridges online magazine with the launch of this window scheme:

We look forward to doing many more installations like this, the technicalities become more and more exciting as we move forward with this type of work. Bring us your challenging ideas we can work them out!

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