Friday, 4 May 2012

Studio Soüfflé made this tent for the Burningman Festival in Nevada, USA:

As a regular attendee of this fantastically unique festival I have used a selection of these tents for three years now with amazing effect, ease of use and comfort.
Arriving to the site I always witness large groups of people who have been laboring away for many hours, days even, in incredible amounts of heat and blazing sun and dust and wind storms. Wielding many tools, power tools and big pieces of wood and huge amounts of heavy tarpaulin materials they are in the process of setting up shade structures.
Then I rock up with my inflatable. The inflatables go up in a mater of minutes, then they just need a few 10 inch metal tent steaks pounded into the loops that are around the base. The structure is very securely fastened, even in the strongest of winds and in the Black Rock Desert it can get pretty dramatic to say the least! I have not yet had an issue with the elements being a problem with this.
The inflatables do however need a power source to keep them inflated, but once up and properly connected they are fantastic for all your festival needs and provide perfect privacy and relaxation times! Also, we are currently working on finding fan systems that are quiet, lightweight, affordable and perfect for many different similar settings. Contact us for more information on fun easy festival Glamping!

 The inside of this tent was made with purple material, but in the day time the colors from the outside reflected through creating a pretty nice effect :-)

This is our camp from 2011:

Burningman 2009:

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